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by trumeta | January 26, 2024

Old Fashioned Mocktail Recipe

old fashioned mocktail recipe

Embark on a delightful journey to refreshment with this Old Fashioned Mocktail Recipe—a perfect blend for those who cherish the classic cocktail’s charm without the alcohol. Whether you’re looking to sidestep the discomfort of bloating from alcohol or seeking clarity from the dreaded brain fog after drinking, this old fashioned mocktail provides a sophisticated, non-alcoholic alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste. 

Crafted with precision, this recipe echoes the original’s spirit, offering a guilt-free indulgence that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The citrus notes and the herbal touch of rosemary provide a burst of flavor that invigorates the senses, making it not just a drink but a rejuvenating experience. Follow this simple guide on how to create an old fashioned mocktail that promises to lift your spirits and keep your wellness in check. Cheers to a healthier, clearer, and bubblier you! And while you’re enjoying this classic, don’t forget to check out our easy green mocktail recipe for another wholesome beverage choice!


  • 60 ml (2 oz) of non-alcoholic spirit (such as a seedlip or another distilled non-alcoholic alternative). 
  • 15 ml (1 tbsp) of simple syrup (you can make this by dissolving equal parts of sugar and water).
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters.
  • Ice cubes.
  • Orange twist, for garnish.
  • Fresh rosemary sprig, for garnish.
  • 30 ml (1 oz) of fresh grapefruit juice.
  • 15 ml (1 tbsp) of fresh lime juice.


  1. In a mixing glass, combine the non-alcoholic spirit, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters. 
  2. Fill the mixing glass with ice cubes and stir until well-chilled. 
  3. Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice cubes. 
  4. Squeeze the grapefruit juice and lime juice into the glass. 
  5. Gently stir to combine all the flavors. 
  6. Garnish with an orange twist and a sprig of rosemary. 
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy your non-alcoholic Old Fashioned mocktail!

Estimated Nutritional Value

  • Calories: 50 kcal (mainly from the simple syrup as the non-alcoholic spirit and juices have minimal calories).
  • Carbohydrates: 13 g (from simple syrup and a small amount from the juices).
  • Sugars: 13 g (from simple syrup and natural sugars in the juices).
  • Protein: 0 g.
  • Fatty acids: 0 g.
  • Fiber: 0.2 g (from the fruit juices).
  • Sodium: 1 mg.

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Old Fashioned Mocktail Recipe FAQs

What Is an Old Fashioned Mocktail?

An Old Fashioned Mocktail is a non-alcoholic version of the renowned whiskey cocktail, offering the same rich, aromatic experience without the alcohol. It’s a sophisticated sip that plays with spices and citrus, perfect for sober nights or when you’re keeping it clear-headed.

Why Is an Old Fashioned Mocktail Recipe Popular?

The Old Fashioned Mocktail Recipe is popular for its ability to deliver the complexity and ritual of the classic cocktail without alcohol, making it inclusive for all and a wise pick for health-conscious people. It’s a toast to tradition without the tipsy aftermath.

What Else Can I Add to the Old Fashioned Mocktail to Make It More Nutritious?

To make your Old Fashioned Mocktail more nutritious, consider blending in natural enhancers like antioxidant-rich berries, a squeeze of vitamin-packed citrus, or a sprinkle of ground flaxseed for an extra healthful twist on this classic sip. Also, you may consider adding premixed supplements like trumeta metabolic reds to your drink.