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by trumeta | April 5, 2024

How Long Does It Take for Reishi Mushrooms to Work?

Reishi mushrooms grow on the branches of trees in the forest.

How long does it take for a reishi mushroom to work? How much reishi per day should one take for optimal results? These are crucial questions related to how mushrooms can change our lives for the better. 

You’ll find that reishi mushrooms have a long, rich history. Eastern medicine has long touted their benefits. The Chinese call them lingzhi, so don’t get confused if we use both terms interchangeably. Medical practitioners all over China and Eastern Asia have taken advantage of reishi’s longevity and vitality potential for thousands of years. They also believe that the mushroom promotes spiritual clarity. No wonder lingzhi helps one feel relaxed! 

While the West has been slow to acknowledge reishi’s therapeutic prowess, it is now waking up. Today, there are countless studies conducted proving lingzhi’s wellness advantages.

So, how does one consume it? How much is too much or too little? Does timing have an effect on effectiveness? This article will clarify everything, giving you a clear path forward on lingzhi use. By the end, you’ll understand how this mushroom can change your life for the better. 

What Are Reishi Mushrooms?

There’s plenty to cover, so hang in there. Let’s begin with a complete overview of reishi mushrooms. Seen a reishi mushroom up close before? If so, you’ll notice its special appearance right away. If you think it looks like a fan or a kidney, you’re not wrong. In terms of color, it’s a glossy reddish brown. Flip it over, and its aesthetic becomes even more memorable. See those fine pores underneath the cap? What a pretty mushroom!

If this was the Oscars, the lingzhi would win countless awards. “Mushroom of Immortality” would undoubtedly be one of them. It’s all about longevity here. How does that work? Well, it starts with strengthening one’s immune functions and vitality. It’s no wonder that modern wellness solutions frequently include reishi as a vital ingredient. 

The reishi craze may have started in the East, but its wondrous abilities are no longer secrets. When the Western medicine community asks, “What are functional mushrooms? ” the answer becomes clear. One of them undoubtedly includes lingzhi. And if there’s something we advocate for at Trumeta, it’s timeless natural ingredients.

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Young african american woman in eye mask sleeping in bed at home at night

How long does it take for reishi mushroom to work? We know that you’re highly impatient to know. But before we get into that, we would be remiss if we didn’t feature its many benefits. 

  • Support immunity
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Raise energy

Get ready for a deep dive!

Strengthened Immune Function

Isn’t it interesting how fungi can contribute to a better immune system? Some people aren’t blessed with the ability to recover quickly from illnesses. They may also fall sick easily. Do you fall into this category? It’s time for some reishi. Its bioactive compounds, such as polysaccharides (beta-glucans), are immunomodulatory. What does that imply, exactly? Well, let’s put things in simpler terms. These compounds help stimulate immune cells, putting them on high alert and ready to attack anything that weakens us. 

Reishi mushrooms also contain triterpenes. Because they are anti-inflammatory, they assist in the regulation of immune responses. Triterpenes also play a significant role in producing cytokines, which are immunity-serving signaling molecules. 

We also want to make an honorary mention of the antioxidants in lingzhi. These, as you may know, defend against oxidative stress and free radicals. When your body has high levels of antioxidants, your overall immune system works extremely well. Clearly, reishi is one of the best mushrooms for health

Better Sleep

Don’t worry—you’re not the only sufferer of late-night scrolling. Would you like to calmly drift off to a land filled with quality sleep? Take advantage of reishi’s adaptogenic properties. They, together with triterpenes and ganoderic acid (both contained in lingzhi), influence your central nervous system, resulting in better sleep night after night. 

One sleeps better when they have a good way of managing stress. That balance one craves when going through challenging moments is a circus act. However, reishi helps. That’s why you’ll find it in bedtime supplements. People also switch up their routines by taking a lingzhi tea an hour before going to bed. In many situations, natural approaches are the better option!

Reduced Stress

It’s pretty normal to feel a certain level of distress. We face countless issues daily. They could relate to our jobs, families, and social lives. Often, people turn to unhealthy “solutions,” such as cigarettes and alcohol. These don’t work, whether in the short or long term. In fact, they may be more detrimental to our mental health.

So, what does one do when feeling stress creep up? A natural answer is reishi, as it contains compounds that help our bodies adapt to stressors. Among the best mushrooms for mental clarity, lingzhi influences serotonin and dopamine levels. These neurotransmitters are responsible for that calm feeling you crave. 

With triterpenes and ganoderic acids, which are adaptogenic in nature, reishi gives our bodies a vital method of facing stressful times. People who have discovered this wondrous mushroom often express better mental and emotional well-being. It’s a holistic and natural solution to stress!

Raised Energy

We often think that feeling fatigued is normal. What if there was an easy way to gain higher energy levels? You guessed it – reishi does wonders in this department. 

A body goes through a significant change with reishi. Take it as a supplement or tea to stimulate energy. It contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These improve cellular functions and the metabolism process. 

Reishi’s triterpenes improve energy production by maximizing the body’s use of oxygen. The mushroom also contains polysaccharides that reduce the risk of us falling sick, reducing the effects of energy-sucking illnesses. 

You may be wondering if reishi can replace your coffee consumption. That might work for some, but lingzhi doesn’t work like caffeine in that regard. Instead, the mushroom is a more holistic approach to combating tiredness. 

How Long Does It Take for Reishi Mushrooms to Start Working?

Reishi Mushroom slices and powder put on an old wooden background.

Alright, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. Results vary among individuals. Everyone’s body is experiencing different stressors and situations. Despite the many studies conducted, it’s hard to pinpoint a precise timeframe.

One thing that studies find is that consistent use of reishi over a few weeks brings positive effects. Users report better sleep and a sense of relaxation. However, achieving optimized immune resilience and lower stress takes longer. 

The length of time it takes for reishi to affect certain bodily functions varies, as shown in this study[1]. Despite that, multiple research projects have concluded positive results in as short as two weeks. 

What’s clear is the importance of consistent use. That goes hand in hand with natural supplements. One won’t see success by giving up due to impatience. Moreover, determining the right dosage, frequency, and consumption technique is vital. 

What Is the Best Way to Take Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi mushroom tray with spices and dried herbs books, and tea

Is one intake method more effective than another? Certainly! The key is to experiment. As some ways require more work than others, you’ll want to find the method that best suits your lifestyle. 

  • Reishi powders (or extracts) are available at most wellness outlets. You can add them to your meals, smoothies, and beverages for variety. This method promises convenience. The body also loves it because it assimilates the mushroom’s compounds easily. 
  • Pre-packaged reishi supplements are commonly available as capsules or tablets. The advantage of this method is knowing exactly how much you’re taking. It’s also convenient and hassle-free. However, there’s a downside relating to varying absorption rates.
  • If you love drinking tea, simmer dried mushroom pieces in water to derive the benefits. This traditional method may require a bit more effort. Nonetheless, old is gold.
  • Tinctures are convenient, too. As a liquid supplement, a reishi mushroom tincture helps the body absorb compounds faster. 

When, How Much, and How Often Should You Take Reishi?

How long does it take for reishi mushrooms to work? Well, it depends on various factors[2]. Your physical condition, goals, and method of consumption matter. General recommendations are as follows:

  • 1-2 grams of extract or powder daily
  • 500 mg to 2 grams of capsules or tablets daily
  • 1-2 teaspoons of mushroom slices in a glass of water (simmered for 30 minutes) daily
  • 1-2 millimeters of tinctures 1-3 times daily

When figuring out when to take reishi, it’s important to conduct some experiments. Some people prefer it in the morning, while others at night. Additionally, you’ll want to start with lower doses and increase as needed. Before you get ahead of yourself, it’s wise to get the advice of a healthcare professional for the full picture. 

In the meantime, how about learning how to make mushroom coffee? After all, who doesn’t love a cup of Joe to start the day off fresh and early? Caffeine elevates the entire body almost immediately. It unleashes your power, getting you through the day no matter what life throws at you. 

mushroom coffee sachet no background

With trumeta’s mushroom coffee blend, you’re not only getting coffee. In addition, you’re getting a kick of organic cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms. These are beneficial in many ways:

  • Cordyceps helps your mind function better. It gives you more endurance while keeping fatigue at bay and stimulates immune resilience!
  • Lion’s mane is your brain’s best friend. Get better cognition abilities, stress-reducing elements, and special relaxing elements in this unique coffee formula.
  • As mentioned throughout this article, reishi is the path to longevity. What does strengthened immune resilience get you? With it, you’ll resist illness better and improve your quality of life.

Whether you’re seeking a way to improve your physical or mental state, Trumeta’s mushroom coffee is the ultimate lifestyle choice. Who can say no to reduced fatigue, better brain power, and an immunity system that’s on point? 

Aside from being easy to include in your daily ritual, this Trumeta product absolutely delivers in other aspects. It takes advantage of nature’s best mushrooms for health and immunity and is the secret to effective self-care. All you need is one sachet a day, and that comes down to a little over a dollar! Take advantage of Trumeta’s subscription program and save!

Key Takeaways

For thousands of years, Eastern medical practitioners have touted Ganoderma lucidum, or reishi, as a life-extending mushroom. Today, even in the West, people are waking up to lingzhi’s benefits, such as:

  • Supporting immunity
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Raising energy

Reishi’s health benefits stem from its active compounds, which include:

  • Beta-glucans
  • Triterpenes
  • Adaptogenic properties
  • Antioxidants

Accessing these valuable compounds occurs in a few ways, and dosage requirements vary accordingly. Love tea, coffee, or smoothies? Just incorporate your reishi in these drinks. If convenience matters highly to you, take a tablet-form supplement instead. 

How long does it take for reishi mushroom to work? It isn’t easy to give you a clear answer on this. Better sleep may come right away. However, an overall reduction in stress levels may take weeks or months. Patience and consistency will get you there. And if tinctures or tablets aren’t your thing, mushroom coffee might be it!

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How Do I Store Reishi Mushrooms?

You want your reishi to remain fresh and potent. To prevent degradation, store it in a cool, dark place. An airtight container helps, too. It minimizes humidity and avoids mold growth. Want your mushrooms to last longer? Store them in the fridge. 

Can Reishi Mushrooms Interact Negatively With Other Supplements?

Always consume reishi in appropriate dosages. Those with mushroom allergies or who are taking blood-thinning, immunosuppressive, or anti-hypertensive medications should take extra precautions. This group should consult a medical professional beforehand. 

Are Reishi Mushrooms Good for Your Immune System?

Reishi mushrooms contain beta-glucans, triterpenes, and antioxidants. These are beneficial for the immune system. They help the body fight against pathogens and illnesses, regulate immune responses, and gain better cellular health. 


[1] Venturella, G., et al. (2021). Medicinal Mushrooms: Bioactive Compounds, Use, and Clinical Trials. 

[2] Chan, S. W., et al. (2021). The beneficial effects of Ganoderma lucidum on cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk.